FSL Academy Course Content

Payable fee £900
£100 deposit
Payments can be made in installments. 

Wellness clarity- Food/exercise diary, Calendar, Goal planning, Gratitude diary, Business challenge, My role, My responsibilities, Public speaking image, Resume, Cover letter, Mock interview image, Sell yourself- know your worth, Sales skills- promote FSL, Memories (year book), Rate my confidence beg – end, Leadership skills image, Personal growth chart, Dream job, Strengths/ weaknesses, Support networks, Reference, Evaluation

Initial tracking – Assessment

Semester 1

Week 1- FSL principles and my objectives
Week 2- My goals
Week 3- Team building
Week 4- Inner therapy- awareness of my feelings and actions
Week 5- Benefits of exercise – Yoga class
Week 6- Business challenge
Week 7- Wellness clarity
Week 8 – Gratitude journal
Tracking period 1- presentation- video/ speech about my goals

Semester 2

Week 1- Guest speaker
Week 2- Team work makes the dream work
Week 3- My role model
Week 4- Katie Piper-Perception of beauty
Week 5- Life Train- CV/RESUME
Week 6- Life Train- Cover letter
Week 7- Mock interview training
Week 8- Team building
Tracking period 2 – Sell tickets

Semester 3

Week 1- Reveal your Creativity
Week 2- Talent Academy
Week 3- Model coaching
Week 4- One to one sessions
Week 5- Model coaching
Week 6- Guest speaker
Week 7- Rehearsal
Week 8- Evaluation
Tracking period 3 – SHOW TIME

The FSL Portfolio Content

Page 1 – Professional profile picture
Page 2 – Personal statement
Page 3- Objectives
Page 4- Beginning of FSL journey- What I feel? What I want? (diagram will be used- along with a pic/colour/image to symbolise themselves)
Page 5 – Step out of comfort zone- Something you have done this week that was out of your comfort zone- write a 200 word article
Page 6 – Evidence of model coaching/ training, photo to evidence,
Page 7- First FSL assessment- write biography
Page 8 – Reflection/evaluation
Page 9- Sketch page- diagram/drawing of journey
Page 10- Skills ascertained on course so far- photo evidence- bullet points to demonstrate key skills
Page 11- Talents- photo evidence- bullet points
Page 12- Second FSL assessment- Resume/ application letter/mock interview – photo evidence-
Page 13- Reflection/evaluation
Page 14- Sample work – models – 3 fashion shots/ designers- 3 examples of garments etc
Page 15- Awards – photo evidence/ team work???
Page 16- Final FSL assessment- public speaking/ presentation
Page 17- Reflection/evaluation
Page 18 – Final end of FSL journey- What I feel? What I want? (diagram will be used- along with a pic/colour/image to symbolise themselves
Page 19- Comparison of beginning and end journey- plus evaluation
Page 20- Acknowledgements / Reference
Final page- Show photo