”When You Discover Your Mission, You Will Feel Its Demand. It Will Fill You With Enthusiasm And A Burning Desire To Work On It ” – W. Clement Stone


Our mission is to rid ourselves of all negativity and to generate high self-esteem so we can unlock our potential and shine. Every person should know their self -worth in order to make our world a better place. FSL will teach people to know their importance. FSL Academy’s mission is to change lives in the UK, increase social mobility, raise the issue of low self-esteem, and assist people into employment, education or training.

We will create confidence and transform lives

  • We will grow effective leaders
  • We will expand opportunities and increase employability for you
  • We will teach you how to balance your time, wellbeing and make it always productive
  • We will foster your individually and celebrate  your personal identity
  • We will encourage people to develop high esteem, to be themselves and not always what society thinks they should be
  • Our FSL Show will demonstrate your new found skills and talents to industry, support networks and the wider public
  • And… we will change your world and the people who inhabit it

Join us on this mission and be part of the movement.