”There’s Many A Bestseller That Could Have Been Prevented By A Good Teacher ” – Flannery O’Connor 


“FSL was a life changing experience and gave me an excellent opportunity to showcase my student designs. I had so much rejection previously but the FSL gave me something within my reach. With that platform, I was undoubtedly able to learn and exhibit my skills and express my talent, in a field so volatile, yet the Fashion Show LIVE made me feel safe and secure to express myself and grow . Since participating in the project, I went on to fortunately secure employment with Kurt Geiger. I progressed as a sales assistant to senior sales buyer and aim to get a leading role as a creative director. I travel all over the world because of my Job. It was definitely due to the exposure, experience and time frames of The Fashion Show LIVE; this prepared me for the cut throat fashion business and gave me my confidence. My self belief grew because of the regular meetings and workshops. I really believe it was the FSL that helped me get to where I am and I feel strong enough to deal with the pressure. Because of the FSL, I am able to really push myself to the limits and can hear the same voice inside me saying anything is possible- I will and can achieve anything.” – Sam, Senior Fashion Buyer

“My FSL experience has got be one Of the most overwhelming experiences of building confident and feeling Great about myself. I loved meeting new people from all different backgrounds trying to make something positive happen in their lives.

The most important thing for me doing the FSL was inviting people as i was so nervous and negative about myself. I invited my boyfriend that i was with only a few weeks. I was so nervous but i did what i loved to do and be myself and now i have been with him 8 years married with 2 amazing children. I will never forget how proud he was of me and how warm my heart felt. That’s what the FSL did to me life long memory.”–  Steph, Dance Choreographer

“The fashion show live 2008 was such a positive experience, it came about at a time when myself confidence was low and a lot of changes in my personal life were taking place; FSL gave me the ability to start to rebuild this confidence again, introducing me to new people and highlighting ability I did not know I had. Since FSL I have undertaken a career working with young people in social care with behavioural problems, mental health and disabilities, before FSL I would not have had the self assurance to be authoritative over these young people. FSL was such an enjoyable time in my life and I still think about it regularly.”–  Jasmine Giltrow

“I have such a fondness for fashion show live, it will always be one of my proudest moments; one that I look back on in moments of weakness and remember that I did that; and could again. I carry that confidence gained with me in lots of walks of life still today. I bossed a catwalk, along side some new friends and spirited and empowering people. Most importantly, I would do it all again tomorrow.”–  Sian Stevens