FSL Design Brief (2016/2017)

The idea for the following collections is based on a gradual transition from Autumn/Winter 2016 to Spring/Summer 2017. Emphasis should be placed on attention to detail, texture, colour, and movement, which are fundamentals of our collections. We would like the garments to highlight emotion reflecting the mode, music and lighting. The idea is to have some sort of metamorphism from a caterpillar to a butterfly; a boy into a man/girl into woman; a dull rock to a sparkling diamond; due to the initiative of the project and to coincide with FSL’s mission; coming out of your shell and being the best version of you.


Collection 1- Empower Me by Verishua Maddix
Torn, ripped, pattern cut, dark colours, with influxes of one statement colour. Disturbed and dysfunctional vests, jeans, trousers. Skeletal, shell, empty.

Collection 2- Nightwear by Alexandra Spadlo

Innocent, demure and sexy lingerie/ gowns with An English influence. Sultry colours- red, hot pink, purple and black to create a dungeon. Silk bell bottoms, shorts, ruched camisoles, beaded cardigans; warm, soft cashmere, wool and angora perfect the look.

Collection 3- Oxymoron of love and pain by Donna Elana

Red, lace, netting, fishnets, miniskirts, jackets, leather, latex, Soft, pliable and beautifully cut leather jackets and pants. Skinny pants, high waist shorts, sheer blouses, peek a boo tops in soft draping fabrics- silk and velvet. Detailing is crucial to creating a mood in the collection. Use buttons, beading, chains and studs. To achieve the look think ‘less if more’ leaving to the imagination.

Collection 4- Give Me Attitude by Demograffix

Exquisite ostentatious cuts, high collars, biker, rock chic, glasses, face covered. This look should be playful, innocent with a superior undercurrent. Versions of black, navy, brown, dark green work well with layered in different textures. Fabrics- velvet, silks with accent of red and gold create a sultry, glamourous look. Puffball skirts and dresses, ruffled blouses to finish the look.

Collection 5- Femininity meets masculinity by ASOS

Ultra-feminine cuts with a masculine influence. High usage of lace pleats and ruffles incorporating rich, warm fabrics- suede, wool and tweed. Key colours- nude, white, black.

Collection 6- Know your worth by Shanaz Sawal

Focusing on the power of jewels. Let the jewellery speak for itself

Collection 7- Animal Kingdom by Pascaline Couture

Bright colours, prints, animal designs incorporated with cultural prints. For example, designer Stella McCartney uses Tribal prints in her collections. This inspiration takes inspiration from the Carnival Arts Centre in Luton, Lots of animal creations are showcased at the Luton Carnival. Caveman. Animal jungle. Animal hierarchy. Accessories to support.

Collection 8- Unconventional by Lisa Jayne Millinery

Wacky, rebellious, unusual, creative. Inspiration from the rebelliousness in Vivienne Westwood’s work . Think Lady Gaga wackiness. Think Damien Hurst- butterflies, moths, mosaics, skulls, bones.

Collection 9- Metallica by Simonetta Sabo

Satins, silks, aluminium, metallic, gold, silver, bright, sparkling, glitter. Combines Spring/summer 17 metallic emerging trends with a futuristic vibe.

Collection 10- Because I own my worth  by Sejal Shah

Elegant, empowering simple couture clothing with an intense ambience. Long fraping fabrics in explosive colours. Sleek camisoles, high waist thread skirts, body con dresses, high shoulder, off shoulder dresses, Sultry backless, figure hugging gowns. Cinderella meets Evil Master collection for a confident man/ woman of today’s world.

Collection 11- KaiKai just so ready to wear by Zane Moyo

Basic silhouette, create softly, contoured layers in light airy fabrics. Nude colours with splashes of coral, lime, and fuchsia, red, golden apricot, cobalt blue and acid yellow are key. Pastel block and metallic also feature in this collection. Kaftans and shawls execute the look.

Collection 12- Shine Bright Like a Diamond by Alexandra Spadlo

Confident, assured, self worth is oozing through. Clothes dominate. Cut really well. Off the shoulder, demure, empowering style. Fabrics which are rich. Colours which are rich. Stylish. Haute couture. Think Victoria Beckham designs. For men, women and children.